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warnings !

before you follow

> I'm a multifandom acc! If you're only following me for one thing, you're in for a ride because I tweet a lot about other stuff on a near daily basis.> I swear a lot oops.> Expect a Tagalog tweet every once in a while.> I do a lot of livetweet threads.> I'm kind of picky on who I follow / follow back since I get overwhelmed easily. Please don't take it personally.> I usually softblock people who get into a lot of drama.> I rarely use tone indicators. Please don't hesitate to DM me if I ever offend / overstep when I interact with you.> Besides sensitive topics, I don't often tag tweets. Please feel free to tell me / have it written somewhere if you need anything else tagged.

do not interact if

> you support incest and pedophilia.> you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, and /or misogynistic.> you're not open to criticism.> you're uncomfortable with political tweets.> you're only here to hate on titles I enjoy / characters I love. (found in INTERESTS & FAVES)

interests !


naruto, fairy tail, tpn, tbhk
wotakoi, spy x family,
gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, etc.


dc (specifically the batfam),
marvel (specifically the young avengers & the champions)


hooky, gourmet hound, the devil is a handsome man, waffle, cheese in the trap, meow man, the doctors are out, brass & sass, etc.


fe3h, genshin impact,
hades, ace attorney, gbf, danganronpa, zero escape,
tot, pokemon, etc.


twice, day6, itzy,
mamamoo, blackpink,
gfriend, red velvet, lee daehwi


taylor swift, yuzuru hanyu (figure skating in general), sonic, broadway, podcasts, holostars, etc.

faves !


> neji hyuuga
> tenten
> ino yamanaka
> sai yamanaka
> roy mustang
> kazuma
> ray
> gray fullbuster
> juvia lockser
> sakura nanamine
> sousuke mitsuba
> akane aoi
> masayuki hori
> hirotaka wakamatsu
> twilight / loid forger

faves !


> venti
> hu tao
> diluc ragnvindr
> albedo
> yanfei
> yoimiya
> kamisato ayato
> kaedahara kazuha
> hubert von vestra
> ferdinand von aegir
> dimitri alexandre blaiddyd
> felix hugo fraldarius
> zagreus (hades)
> artem wing
> miles edgeworth
> trucy wright
> ema skye
> sandalphon (gbf)
> lancelot (gbf)
> hanzo shimada
> junpei tenmyouji
> green / blue (pkmn)
> n (pkmn)
> gladion (pkmn)
> byakuya togami
> touko fukawa
> hajime hinata
> sonia nevermind
> kaede akamatsu
> shuichi saihara
> kiibo / k1-b0

faves !


> damien wytte
> shadow the hedgehog
> tony stark
> riri williams
> kamala khan
> loki laufeyson
> cassandra cain
> damian wayne

zine work !

( organized by fandom and status ! )
( last updated on October 26, 2023 )

contributor experience

1FE2020Live To Serve: A Fire Emblem Healing ZineWriterCOMPLETED
2FE3H2020Step By Step: An Edelgard & Dimitri Sibling ZineWriterCOMPLETED
3FE3H2020 - 2021Long Live: A Faerghus Four ZineWriterCOMPLETED
4FE3H2020 - 2021Garland Moon: A Summer Themed FE3H ZineWriterCOMPLETED
5DR2020 - 2021In Our Hearts: A Danganronpa Zine Focused on Unpopular CharactersWriterCOMPLETED
6HADES2020 - 2021Hades High School: A Modern AU Hades ZineWriterCOMPLETED
7TPN2021RE:Write: A RayEmma ZineWriterCOMPLETED
8FE3H2021 - 2022Another Step Forward: A FE3H Modern AU ZineWriterCOMPLETED
9POKEMON2021 - 2022I Choose You! An Ash & Pikachu ZineWriterCOMPLETED
10GENSHIN2021 - 2022Conviction: A Diluc ZineWriterCOMPLETED
11GENSHIN2021 - 2022Memory of Dust: A GuiLi ZineWriterCOMPLETED
12GENSHIN2020 - 2023Bard's Tale: A Venti ZineWriterCOMPLETED
13GENSHIN2021 - 2023We Gacha: A Zine About the Characters Supporting Each Other & Their CommunityWriterCOMPLETED
14GENSHIN2021 - 2023A Journey's Rest: A Genshin Impact Self-Care ZineWriterCOMPLETED
15GENSHIN2021 - 2023Synastry: A ScaraMona ZineWriterCOMPLETED
16GENSHIN2021 - 2023Traveller’s Guide to Teyvat || Volume 1: MondstadtFic WriterCOMPLETED
17GENSHIN2021 - 2023Golden Rule: A Yanfei ZineWriterCOMPLETED
18SxF2022 - 2023Project Strix: A Spy x Family ZineWriterCOMPLETED
19SxF2022 - 2023Diamonds Are Forever: A Spy x Family Fashion ZineFic WriterCOMPLETED
20SONIC2022- 2023Never Turn Back: A Shadow The Hedgehog (2005) ZineWriterCOMPLETED
21JSHK2020 - 2023Kisetsu: A JSHK Seasons ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
22GENSHIN2021 - 2023Zephyr: A XiaoVen ZineGuest WriterProduction / Shipping
23GENSHIN2021 - 2023Reunion: A ZhongVenZhong ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
24GENSHIN2021 - 2023Teyvat Kids: A Genshin Impact Kids ZineLetter / Journal WriterProduction / Shipping
25FE3H2021 - 2023Sun and Moon: A FerdiBert ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
26SONIC2021 - 2023All Hail Shadow: A Shadow The Hedgehog ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
27HADES2021 - 2023Hades Summer Camp: A Modern AU Hades ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
28DC2021 - 2023Legacies: A Batgirl ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
29DC2022 - 2023The R Stands For Redemption: A Damian Wayne ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
30DC2022 - 2023Young and Bold: A DamiJon ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
31SONIC2022 - 2023Live & Learn: A Sonic & Shadow ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
32DR2022 - 2023My Song, Your Note: A Danganronpa WLW ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
33GENSHIN2022 - 2023Vulcan: A ZhongLuc ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
34GENSHIN2022 - 2023Maple Blossom: A KazuYaka AU ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
35GENSHIN2022 - 2023Unbound Souls: A XiaoBedo ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
36GENSHIN2022 - 2023Winged Lutz: A Genshin Impact Figure Skating ZineGuest WriterProduction / Shipping
37FT2022 - 2023Urano Metria: A Lucy Heartfilia ZineWriterProduction / Shipping
38GENSHIN2022 - 2023Papilio de Iustitia: A YanTao ZineWriter-
39GENSHIN2022 - 2023Forest Watcher's Handbook: A Tighnari ZineWriterPRE-ORDERS
40GENSHIN X GHIBLI2022 - 2023Boundless Memories: A Genshin x Ghibli ZineWriterPRE-ORDERS
41FE3H2023Guiding Stars: A Blue Lions ZineGuest WriterCreation
42GENSHIN2023Meriwether: An Anemo Boys ZineGuest WriterInterest Check
43???2023 - 2024???Invited Writer???

moderator experience

1GENSHIN2021 - 2022Passion Overload: A Bennett ZineMod InternCOMPLETED
2DR2022Lil' Wonders: A Danganronpa Kids ZineWriting ModCOMPLETED
3DR2022 - 2023DanganGarden: A Danganronpa Flower ZineWriting ModCOMPLETED
4GENSHIN2021 - 2023Dracaena Somnolenta: A Kokomi ZineCo-Beta Mod | Social Media ModProduction / Shipping
5FE3H2021 - 2023Sun and Moon: A Ferdibert ZineMod InternProduction / Shipping
6GENSHIN2021 - 2023Verglas Flame: A EulAmber ZineSocial Media ModProduction / Shipping
7GENSHIN2022 - 2023Nature's Intuition: A HeiKazu ZineWriting ModProduction / Shipping
8GENSHIN2022 - 2023Butterfly's Lover: A HuXiao ZineWriting / Beta Mod | Social Media ModProduction / Shipping
9GENSHIN2023Where The Sky Meets The Sea: A KokoSara ZineWriting ModCreation
10TLOZ2023Sky is The Limit: A Tears of The Kingdom ZineWriting ModCreation
11BB2023Earl Grey: A Ciel Phantomhive ZineWriting ModInterest Check